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Why Choose Abbott Consulting

At Abbott Consulting we believe in doing things differently. The primary services that we offer are web site design and development, SEO, SEM, PPC Advertising and online marketing advice. However it is what we offer after that, which makes Abbott Consulting stand out from the crowd.

We actively engage with all our potential clients and research the value that having an online presence would bring to their business before we commit to working with them. If we know that they will be unable to generate new revenue streams online, we will not accept the commission to build or market their site.

Abbott Consulting will also give your business the best possible chance of establishing itself as a viable local, national or international business by not working with your direct competitors in your immediate locality.

We believe that working with similar companies in a small catchment area is deeply unethical and completely counterproductive to the results we want to achieve for all of our clients.

It is this commitment to significantly grow your brand awareness, revenue streams and web site traffic that puts Abbott Consulting at the forefront of our industry.

So to transform your company into a market leader instead of a market follower, speak to our dedicated team today and see how we can improve and grow your organisations digital voice.