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PPC Advertising

Pay Per Click Advertising is a method by which you can actively achieve direct contact to the people who want to avail of your products and services.

PPCA is an extremely effective method of getting your potential customers to engage with your organisation in the online environment

Abbott Consulting has many years of experience in successfully conducting PPCA campaigns on behalf of our clients. We combine the latest advancements in PPCA methodologies such as Google AdWords with real world experience of what makes a PPCA campaign successful.

One of the main advantages of conducting PPCA is that you are only charged when someone has actively clicked on or opened your online advertisement for the products and services that you provide.

When you combine this with the fact that PPCA is directly targeted towards people that are looking online for services that your organisation offers it is a relatively straight forward process to quickly establish a very effective online advertising strategy that can deliver real results in terms of the traffic, leads and sales that are coming into your company.

We at Abbott Consulting are so confident that we can generate quality leads for your organisation through the use of PPCA campaigns that we will return the initial investment you made with us for PPCA services, if we are unable to generate leads on your companies behalf using our PPCA methodologies.

When you open a PPCA account with Abbott Consulting you will be assigned with a PPCA manager who will keep you informed on a weekly basis as to how your PPCA campaign is progressing.

Due to our extensive experience in conducting successful PPCA campaigns, we understand that flexibility, hard work and ongoing analysis is necessary to make your PPCA campaign perform to its full potential.

This is just one of the reason that we don’t require our clients to commit to long PPCA contracts with us, because we know that one of the key factors that keeps a business dynamic is it’s flexibly and how quickly it can react to change.

We can establish, manage and track your organisations complete PPCA campaign. The time effective and cost effective nature of conducting business with Abbott Consulting will result in savings for your organisation, because we can conduct everything on an in-house basis there is a significant reduction in our own cost base which we can pass on to our clients.

Contact Abbott Consulting to arrange a free review of your existing PPCA Campaign or to speak to one of our experienced PPCA executives about how PPCA can become an essential part of your online strategy.